Forty: Resurrection

The Resurrection is not a single event, but a loosening of God's power and light into the earth and history that continues to alter all things, infusing them with the grace and power of God's own holiness. It is as though a door was opened, and what poured out will never be stopped, and that door cannot be closed. ~Megan McKenna
It's been a forty day journey. Forty posts in forty days. Forty quotes, forty words, and many more deeds than just forty. Evidently we've reached the end of the path. Resurrection Sunday will dawn, and life will return to normal. 

Jesus' Resurrection does seem like the end of the story. True, it marks the end of Holy Week, nicely wrapping up our journey with Jesus to the cross, to the tomb, and now from the tomb, raised from the dead. It's a nice, neat package. 

But wait!

There are forty more days of journey to the Ascension - Jesus isn't done with us yet. Ten additional days of travel will then bring the Holy Spirit to us on Pentecost. 

But wait!

The Resurrection doesn't end with the Ascension. We are a Resurrection people. Jesus opened the door through which God's grace flows. There is no going back to life as it was for any of us if we can even begin to wrap our minds around this. Jesus died for us so God's grace could pour down upon us - so that we, too, can be raised from the dead into everlasting life; so that we can live this life free from worry, safe in God's embrace.  


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