The Depths

As my husband was putting packages of turkey breast he'd just sliced into our chest freezer, Zachary asked him, what's at the bottom of the freezer? Familiar with the myriad veggies, meats, and blocks of mozzarella that float around the top of the freezer, he wondered what lurked in the freezer's depths. 

"Placenta," was my husband's response. 

"Oh, OK," replied the teen.

Apparently in this house, the announcement that there's a human placenta in the chest freezer is nothing unexpected or exciting - one more piece of irrefutable evidence that our family is weird.

Alia was born at home, a spritely 9 lbs 14 oz compared to her 10 lb 14oz brother Coren, also born at home. Coren's placenta was buried under a lemon tree on his first birthday. Alia was born in February - not exactly the best month for gardening. So the question comes to mind: what are we going to do with Alia's placenta? I suppose I should ask her, but I'm afraid of what she might come up with. 

So there it stays, at the bottom of our chest freezer, until we're brave enough for Alia's answer. 


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