Leap of Faith

Soon, we will pack up our house, room by room. We will move furniture, carpeting, and sub-flooring. Everything must go! Well, everything must leave each room for us to re-do our floors, anyway. We'll put most of it back eventually. 

This has to happen, as I can no longer put my health on the line tripping over our floor. You read right - I trip over our floor. Whether it's the transitions between rooms - carpet to floor, floor to tile - or the dips in the falling apart particle-board floor in the dining room with the coming-up vinyl tiles, it's dangerous for legs that don't work properly. If we're doing the floor, we might as well rip out the non-handicapped friendly breakfast bar monstrosity in our kitchen/dining room. Since our kitchen and dining room are essentially one large room connected to the living room - separated by stairs - the entire floor has to be redone...the hallway, too. And the bathroom. And most likely the downstairs bedroom as well. 

I feel compelled to get this done, although I'm not quite sure at this point how it's going to happen. The logistics of finding space for a living room full of stuff; finding time, hands, and money to rip apart a room and put it back together; and then finding these things again while doing an even bigger room is going to take a leap of faith. Finding all those things to do redo an entire first floor worth of flooring will require a giant leap of faith. 

Usually I'd be worried about how it will all be accomplished, but I'm finding myself compelled to move forward, confident that things- and hopefully people - will come together to get the job done. At moments I feel like I've lost my mind, but mostly I just feel like this is what we're supposed to be doing. 

Anyone want to take a sledgehammer to a breakfast bar? Oh, wait ... I have more than enough teenagers lined up for that job! But an electrician would be nice. And someone or two good at putting in subflooring. Any decoupagers in the house? Is decoupager even a word?  Ikea furniture assemblers would be great as well. We'll take anyone who wants to help and will work for pizza and potato chips. Come take a leap of faith with us! 


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