Thirty-four: Superpowers

I make milk. What's your superpower? ~bumper sticker seen in parking lot at La Leche League conference today

We all have superpowers.

I've had different superpowers at different stages of my life. 

As a child, I had the power to make my mother laugh when she was mad at me. 

As a teenager, I had the power to make my mother laugh when she got mad at me.

As a young twenty-something, I had the power to make my husband laugh... well, you get the picture.

And then I became a Mama.

My body nourished my son for over nine months, and then continued to do so through breastfeeding. It amazed me every single time he latched on. My body was making milk that was sustaining this little life. Astounding. And I continued to use this superpower to nurse my next child, and the child after that, and so on for over fourteen years. My youngest child weaned long ago, but I am still agog at the superpower women (and a few men!) have to fully nourish little human beings with their milk, not to mention protect them from illnesses and the myriad other benefits of breastfeeding.

I no longer posses the breastfeeding superpower. I've moved on to more complicated superpowers, like the power to dislocate arms and legs without even trying or the power to forget something just seconds after knowing it. I also have the power to make my children laugh when they are mad at me. 

Among my other superpowers are: coming up with craft ideas from stuff that's laying around the house; getting other people's kids to nap when their own parents struggle with the task - and for that matter, getting kids to potty train while in my care, and to give up the pacifier while in my care; and last, but not least, the power to survive on very little sleep. 

People I know have superpowers as well. One friend always calls, texts, or drops by just when I need her to (and she doesn't even know it!). Another has the power to inspire me with her compassion for other people. My husband has the amazing power to be both helpful and unhelpful at the same time. Coren has the adorableness superpower (it's in his cheeks!). Alia has some sort of brilliant creepiness thing going on, while Haley has a child-whisperer type superpower. Zachary's superpower is his awesome and brilliant, yet punny, sense of humor and I'm sure Alex's has something to do with him being the most chatty silent person on Earth. 

I was talking the other day with one of my kids (my lack-of-memory superpower doesn't permit me to reveal which child) about superheros and such and the child mentioned that God is the best super hero. When asked what God's best superpower would be, the answer was Grace. Jesus: Love. The Holy Spirit: Gifts. Smart kid. I just wish I could remember which one!

What's YOUR superpower? And how are you going to use your powers for good today?



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