Eighteen: Moments

Oh, if life were made of moments, even now and then a bad one - But if life were only moments, then you'd never know you had one. ~Baker's Wife, Into the Woods

 I've seen the movie Into the Woods twice in the past two weeks thanks to interested children and a discount movie theater. So many thoughts are running through my mind based on the words and lyrics and circumstances in the musical. Today, the lyrics above were running through my head. 

We all find ourselves wishing that life could be good, that every moment could be better than the last. That we could capture moments and hold onto them. That we could create endless amazing moments for our loved ones and for ourselves. 

Seeing Into the Woods for the first time - or should I say attempting to see Into the Woods for the first time - produced just such moments. Crazy traffic and detours on the way there mixed with wacky conversations with my fourteen-year-old about the strangest things. We obtained tickets and munchies, and proceeded to sit, alone, in a pitch black  theater, for ten minutes being totally silly before other movie-goers joined us. In the dark.

Ten minutes after the movie was supposed to begin, I ventured into the lobby to inquire as to whether or not the movie was going to play. They said they'd look into it. Although we ultimately left without seeing a movie due to a broken projector, we will treasure the memory of that crazy evening for a long time. 

I do enjoy the moments. Well, the good, fun, and out of the ordinary moments. The bad bits I accept as a part of life, but could do without so many, thankyouverymuch. 

I've learned to slow down so I can recognize and appreciate the more wondrous moments as they're happening. But I don't want a life filled with moments. I want quiet times in between to relish the memories, to reflect on life's joys, and to learn from the not so good times. It's in between the moments that gratitude lives. 


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