Thirty-five: Pajamas

There should be a law that there's a pajama day every few weeks. ~Alyson Hannigan 

Pajamas is a good Lenten word, isn't it? 

What about Sabbath? Does that sound more Lenten to you?

As we enter Holy Week, and following a long weekend that was anything but restful, it was decided that a Pajama Day was in order. As much as my ocd wants to unpack from the Conference, get all the things done, and have the kids get their rooms clean, we all need a pajama day, a Sabbath. No work, except for what feeds our souls or is absolutely necessary. No major cleaning projects. No forced labor. 

Reading, board games, dreaming, sharing, creating, singing, and playing are all excellent pajama day endeavors. Napping is good, too. 

As I type, I've already accomplished sleeping in. Well, sleeping until 8am, which seems like sleeping in some days. And I've watched Pirates of the Caribbean bloopers with my kids and laughed a lot. Eventually I'll actually get out of bed. 

It's wonderful to have a day of rest, of calm, of time to just exist and do what most calls to you. Everyone should have a pajama day every once in a while. 



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