Twenty-two: Example

Our eyes are a lot more open to examples than our ears are to advice. ~posted by Chris in the infusion room at my rheumatologist's office

We are an unschooling family as opposed to a homeschooling family. We do not do school at home. We don't do lessons at home. We do learn a lot. We learn by doing. We learn by discovering things on our own or together. And we learn by example.

At the moment two of my children are arguing over one child cleaning more than their fair share - it appears mopping and de-cobwebbing the house are much-sought-after activities. My daughter asked if she could add a task to the cleaning list this morning because she felt like washing windows. People are amazed that my children help clean the house. I'm not surprised at all, as the example we've set is one of everyone helping to keep it tidy. 

We set the example of being kind to one another, of giving with joy when and where we can, and we try our best to model the behavior we hope our children emulate. We can talk and lecture and advise all we want, but what really sinks in in their developing brains are the myriad examples we set daily.

We make mistakes. We learn from them. We apologize and make things right. We forgive. We dream dreams. We follow our passions. We share what we learn, what we love, what inspires us. We encourage each other. We learn together to navigate life. 


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