Sixteen: Share

Don't you do too much? 

This is usually asked of me as I mention committee meetings, planning sessions, teaching classes, projects we're working on, and all the things that I do on a volunteer basis.

The truth is, these things feed my soul. If they didn't, I wouldn't be doing them. They get me out of the house, give me an opportunity to interact with others, and bless me with a chance to give of my time and talents. They are things I can do in small bursts, as my physical ability permits. Doing these things fills me with joy and leaves me with more than I gave. 

Wouldn't it be better if you sold that stuff and made a little extra money?

This is usually asked of me as I talk about making another run with donations for the thrift store or clothing drop-off. 

The truth is, a little extra money would be great. But what's even better is spending the time and energy I'd use holding a tag sale or listing things for sale online, instead doing something much more entertaining with my family while knowing my donations will be put to good use. The making of memories is a much more valuable thing. 

For me, there are miracles in the sharing. The more I share of myself, the more I receive in joy, in love, in connection. The more I share, the more open I am to receive the gifts life, love, and others have to offer. 


Forty Days In Thought, Word, and Deed


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