It's been a rough week. From a leg that felt like it was going to explode, to steroids used to treat the leg, to ear infection girl, to ER visit for her spectacularly ruptured eardrum, sleep has been difficult to come by - 18 hours in 8 days by my calculations. Add in children who are feeling under the weather, a Remicade infusion and doctor appointments, and I'm exhausted. 

This morning, I ignored four of the five alarms I had set to make sure I could get up for worship. Alia was up half the night in pain, so I didn't bother getting her up. Coren was up, but had a hurt foot. Haley got up, looking completely miserable. I tried to wake Zachary up several times to no avail. I didn't even bother waking Alex. I pulled myself together and went to worship alone.

I used a coupon for a free macchiato and arrived in time for Coffee and Conversation. I did more listening than talking as I struggled to wake up enough to string intelligible words together. 

As the words of readings, hymns, and the sermon washed over my sleepy soul, a feeling of peace and inspiration wiped away some of my lethargy. Being in that place, with those people, hearing and singing and saying those words, was just what I needed.

Today, I am grateful for coffee; for Our Savior Lutheran Church, Thomaston, CT; for shared stories; for laughter; and for cuddly children.


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