We have two special guests with us this evening. 

I received my husband's customary I'm on my way home from work do you need anything call.  No long thereafter, my phone went off again. Strange. A brief conversation led to the arrival of our guests, much to the excitement of my children. They miss their little friends, who used to be here a few days a week. 

The invitation was put forth almost immediately - they were welcome in the room of the thirteen year old for a movie and to play. Some singing and lots of giggling later, they were downstairs acting as the audience for magic tricks, drawing and stickering and inquiring as to whether or not there were bananas. Then it was back upstairs for more fun. 

Throughout the evening I received text updates from the emergency department, where my dear pregnant friend was getting treated with iv antibiotics and was undergoing a non-stress test to make sure everything is ok with baby boy, who is not due for another couple months. 

Children tired out and fed, we received word that it would most likely be another few hours until Mom was discharged. It was time to put the little ones to bed. It took a while the children to settle down, the excitement of the unexpected visit still fresh. 

My friends thanked me multiple times for taking care of their children while they dealt with health issues. I assured them their girls were a welcome addition to our evening...and night if it comes to that.

Today, I feel blessed to be able to help friends and to entertain two lovely young ladies. I am grateful for children who love playing with friends of all ages and who are so kind and loving to those younger than them; for my own friends and family who help me and my family out when we have medical appointments and emergencies; and to have made it to worship this Sunday after illnesses and power outages had kept us away.


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