Some days just need coffee. A lot of coffee.

Some days, days like today, need coffee with a good friend in a place that doesn't contain any of our children. Where wonderful women keep our coffee cups full and don't seem to mind that we take up a booth for two hours. When we talk about everything from faith to family to tattoos and back again. We take turns venting life's stresses and listening. We share ideas of what might help or provide a new perspective if we can, but don't feel like we need to fix or be fixed - just hear and be heard. 

Some days we drink too much coffee. Many days and hour or two just isn't enough time, yet it is. I know that, no matter how long I have to spend with Lisa, I leave renewed and refreshed. And way too caffeinated. 

Today, I am grateful for time out; for the opportunity to listen; for being heard; for friendship from the heart, framed in faith; for coming home to a houseful of children, including an extra 3 and 5 year old who are full of giggles; for teenagers playing a game that might be more interesting and funny for me to listen to than it is for them to play; and for coffee...lots of coffee to get me through the day after a mere two hours of sleep.


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