Little Hands


There's nothing like holding a baby. Tiny fingers and toes get me every time. And today I got to hold a seven week old baby because I'm blessed to provide and facilitate mother to mother breastfeeding support.

Only one mom showed up to my La Leche League meeting today. This used to be very discouraging to me, but today, with eyes of gratitude, it wasn't at all. 

One amazing new mom showed up at my LLL meeting this morning! She had a beautiful baby girl who nursed like a pro. She had a few questions I was happy to answer, and we talked about so many things. It was wonderful one-on-one time with a new breastfeeding mom. 

And then there are the not so tiny feet and chilly not as little hands of the magnificent Maggie, whom I was blessed to pick up from her bus and escort on a shopping adventure while her parents dealt with a series of unfortunate events. 

It was wonderful to see her shining face and to hear the complete (I was assured) story of Franklin and his valentines. It was a blessing to me to be able to help a friend in a bind, as friends often did for me when I was mom to two young children, pregnant with a third.  Now if only Emily and I could manage to sync schedules enough to get together for a chat or a movie!

Today, I'm filled with gratitude for wonderful opportunities in my life - even ones as simple as holding a baby and helping a friend. 


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