Tonight Haley mentioned that last year's Mainstage production at Epoch Arts is on YouTube. We decided a viewing would make for a wonderful evening.

Ubuntu is a story of real community, of working together, of serving one another. At one point in the play, the word homeless is used to describe the yearning for human connection through community. I used to experience that type of homelessness often, especially in the Winter months when I spend more time hibernating than socializing. I felt homesick, yet I was home.

This Winter, it's been different. I feel more deeply connected with community at church, at Epoch Arts, and with friends. I know my close friends are there for me and I for them, even if we don't get together as much as we'd like. I'm enjoying the company of my family and striving to carve out more time to just be in the moment with them. 

Ubuntu is a philosophy in which it is believed that there exists a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. I feel that connection more and more, as I seek out communities that exude that connection. 

In less than ten weeks, we will journey to a place that radiates ubuntu - Camp Calumet in Freedom, NH. Free of charge, but full of community spirit, families and individuals will gather for a weekend of cleaning, repairing, building, and preparing Camp for the Summer season. We will be well fed, not only in the dining hall, but through our work and our time together.

Today, I am grateful for community; ubuntu; children who love to watch and perform in plays; for the Arts; for creativity; for inspiration; and for time together.


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