The Cross

Our church - Our Savior Lutheran Church in Thomaston, CT - hosted an Ecumenical Lenten Worship tonight. It began with Evening Prayer, Vespers, which is one of my favorite services. It veered a bit off course after the Psalmody. There was a reading from John and then some pharisees had quite the conversation about their actions not matching their words - and a modern day pharisee helped them discover what the cross is all about and that it's all about the cross. 

And then... and then, after another hymn was sung, five young people. ages 8-13, held captive those who congregated for this Monday night worship. The Interpretive Movement Ministry performed "It's About the Cross" after running through it just twice an hour before worship. They had done it for Christmas, and it was perfect for this Lenten worship as well.

It touched the hearts of all who attended. It is my hope that they carry its message with them through Lent, the Easter season, and always.

Today, I am grateful for children who give their time and talents to this amazing ministry; for outside of the box worship experiences; for ministries that touch hearts and souls; and for Barbara Howard for taking the video so we can share it with others. 


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