My children inspire me.

Whether it's my youngest seeing a cooking show and recreating the dish, my newest teen's fearless theater audition, or my ten year old trying something even though he's afraid, my children are a constant source of inspiration. 

It was Alia's cooking escapade that led me to challenge myself tonight. 

There's this soup at Senor Pancho's in Thomaston, CT that I get every time we're there. I say I'm going to get something different, but I can't not order it. Sopa Azteca is just that good. But we don't get to Senor Pancho's often, so I don't get to eat it as often as I'd like. Until now. Tonight, after getting the special peppers and perusing several different recipes, I delved into the fun and anxiety of cooking something new. I also made chicken and rice, in case my attempt was a total flop. 

I roasted the peppers, sauteed the garlic and onions, blended those with the tomatoes, boiled, simmered, added chicken, simmered some more, and finally served it over tortilla pieces, with avocado, cilantro, sour cream, cheese, and lime wedges. Of the three children who tried it, two were fans, as was my husband upon eating his portion after work. I thought it was good, too, but needs a bit of tweaking. Next time, I'll use more of the roasted peppers, will use fire roasted tomatoes, and make a bigger batch! 

Today, I'm grateful for children who love to learn, love to try new things, and in the actions of living their lives, inspire others; for friends who stop by for a chat and in the process remind me of what a blessing it is to take time out to just sit and enjoy a nice conversation; and for a husband who makes me breakfast for dinner, since I didn't do very well feeding myself today due to a Remicade hangover. 


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