Today  was a day gifted to me by my husband to do whatever I pleased. Gifted to me because I really find it difficult to just to say I need a day off and then follow through and take it. Haley came with me and we went to see a guy about a tattoo ... and pieces of a tree. 

I wanted to surprise my husband with getting some of his artwork tattooed on my body, so I went to see Jacob Myjak, my favorite local tattoo artist. He did our wedding band tattoos, as well as my super hero death bunny (artwork by Alia), 1 John 3:18 LOVE tattoo (artwork by Haley), and my tree tattoo (watercolor by Coren). He had never done a tattoo with such tiny detail, and I think it came out wonderfully. 

The Myjaks also had a tree fall in their yard during a storm and were offering it free for firewood or whatever other use we had. Knowing my husband, I was sure he'd love some of the larger pieces, so we loaded some up on our way out. 

And just because I knew he'd love some, I picked up some Magic the Gathering cards for Jim on the way home as well.

I not only got a day off, I got to listen to good music, talk to good people, and give a couple of gifts myself. 

Today, I am grateful for my talented twenty year old tattoo artist; for his mother, my friend, who is a joy to hang out with; for a husband who loves that I got his artwork tattooed as much as I do; and for an Alia who had a rough night (neither she nor I slept much), but who called me when her eardrum ruptured to make sure the drainage and blood were ok, without bothering to fill her Daddy in on the details of our phone call, necessitating a text from him to get the same info. 


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