Going With the Flow

As a homeschooling parent, I must be spoiled. Usually when we go to the movies on a weekday, there's barely anyone there. 

Somehow I completely didn't take into consideration that it was a school vacation day into Alia's birthday trip to the movies. We arrived to a sold out theater, with no other movie options. The four excited children took it amazingly well and we returned home to play some more.

We'll try again tomorrow, cramming an 11AM movie followed by a trip to KidCity into our day before we have to go home, order pizza, and get ourselves to Tuesday Night Sunday School.

Today, I'm thankful for children who go with the flow; for a friend who is willing to drive back to my house so the kids can have more play time; for children who entertain themselves and each other so well; and for laughter filling my house as the sleepover girls get the last of their energy out before going to bed. 


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