Fourteen. He's fourteen.

He is my only child born in the 1900's. That means he must be old!

He is my first ...well, my first living child. 

He taught me volumes about love, about faith, about mothering, and mostly about myself.

But there's no way he can be fourteen, is there?

My wondrous child who started walking on Christmas Day just after turning one was reading books to his baby brother by age two ... and hasn't stopped reading since.

There are things that haven't changed about Alex since he was a toddler. He's always had long hair, surrounded himself with books, and tried to subsist on peanut butter, pasta, and pizza. And dessert. And potato chips. He's always liked been obsessed with computers and video games. And he's always had an awesome sense of humor. 

Alex has gone through a lot of changes this year. His voice has gotten deeper. He's had a major growth spurt. He's (shhhh...don't tell anybody) almost as tall as me!

He's gone through a creepy monster phase.

And a zombie phase.

And a fire-conjuring phase.

Many days he appears quite normal.

And then there was the... uh.... well....

Lately he's been going through a pensive phase.

And finally, one of his greatest accomplishments this year: 
Epic Family Portraits

Alexander, my kung fu pumpkin head, I love you. Even if you are fourteen, which makes me feel old. Now stop that - I heard what you thought and you can just keep that comment to yourself. 



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