little sleep, lots of pain, need coffee

Today I was trying to find something I posted earlier this year. I have short term memory problems. I have problems with remembering when things happened. On my journey through my year on facebook, I decided to make a game of it, and recorded each status my pointer landed on while I scrolled. Below are the results. 

Who stole my energy?

I'm in need of three things: pumpkin latte delivery service, 2. a nap, and 3. motivation

Today has been brought to you by snarky, uncooperative children.

I need coffee. 

Is awakeish.

Is it bad when the person making your coffee asks if you need a back-up iced coffee for later?

Why am I not sleeping?

Vulcan fishie. That is all.

Need. more. spoons.

Today shall require much coffee.

I somehow don't think I'll be leaving the house in 3 minutes as planned, especially seeing as I haven't yet gotten out of bed.

Alia is singing "...somebody done somebody wrong..."

I need chocolate. Now.

So much to do, so few functioning brain cells.

There's a drum circle going on in the next room. Either that or the natives are getting restless...

Ah, the optimism of a four year old. She's at the window waiting for the ice cream truck. In February. In Connecticut. 

My husband tried waking me up with polka music. Coffee would have been much more effective.

Me, "Honey, there's a bug in my water." My husband, "Then don't drink it ... unless you need extra protein. You're always saying you need more protein."

Painsomnia, Ugh.

I want a new duck.

My legs are covered in star stickers and I want cheesecake.

On another note, my doctor actually prescribed COFFEE to me today. Unfortunately I can't get it in IV form.

I must be tired. I just asked my husband, "Did I show you that thing that I did?" Perhaps I need to be more specific.

It seems we're fresh out of what.

Is completely lacking in get up and go.

I know there are things I should be doing .... but instead I'm watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. 

My house smells as if I set a Christmas gift on fire ... oh, wait....

Most of these statuses can be summed up in one status from early in the year:

little sleep, lots of pain, need coffee

What are your favorite facebook statuses from 2012? 


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