See these wooden blocks - or 
We pray for things and expect immediate answers. Sometimes we get answers that are a very long time coming.

We pray and expect God to give us the outcome we want. Instead we get the answer God wants to give. Sometimes that answer is no. Or not yet. Or try again.

We expect God's lessons for us to be big and loud. Instead, many are tiny and quiet, slowly seeping into our souls.

We expect our lives to go according to our own plan. God expects our lives to go according to His.

...see the bigger picture - (the word) Jesus
If you still see the blocks, concentrate on the dark places.
We see often just see the blocks, instead of the bigger picture. God sees not just the bigger picture, but the whole picture. 

This expectations versus reality thing isn't anything new. The Jews of long ago were expecting a king. Things didn't quite turn out the way they expected.

They expected an earthly king with a crown of gold. They got a heavenly king with a crown of thorns.

They expected a great and powerful king. They got a helpless little baby.

They expected their king to rule the land from a throne. They got a king who rules the earth from a place of love, forgiveness, and grace.

They got what they wanted, although not how they expected. And it was good. It was so very good. 

This Christmas expect miracles. Expect joy. Expect love. And don't be surprised if they come to you in a way you weren't expecting. 


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