Where Was God?

After a shooting in a movie theater, the aftermath on my facebook page included people repeatedly asking Where is God in all this? resulting in that blog post

And today, 12/14/12, 20 children and 6 adults were killed in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, CT. So close to home. 

When I first read about it, the words Elementary School echoed through my brain. Little kids. Little, innocent kids. My heart and soul ached for the parents who would return home without a child, or perhaps two. They ached for the survivors, the witnesses, those who have to carry on in the face of the unimaginable. 

Yet there it was again. Facebook posts and voices on the tv and radio questioning where God was during this horrific event. Why God didn't stop it. How God could have let it happen.

Where was God?

God was holding the hand of a little girl as she died.
God was holding the hearts of her parents, as they waited to find out whether or not she survived, and wrapping them in His love as the last child walked out of the fire station and it wasn't their daughter.

God was with the teachers, guiding them and as many children as possible to safety.

And the first responders, the nurses, and the doctors, guiding their feet, their hands, and their words as they saved lives. 

And the shooter, pleading with him to stop, to open his heart, to not make this choice. 

God was also with a mama while she brought a new life, a new light, into the world. 

And with a special little boy as he received his Christmas wish.

And the friend asking forgiveness.

God was comforting the dying and the living. 
He was welcoming new souls into this life, and into forever. 
He was celebrating and forgiving.
God was with you. And me. 


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