An Epoch Legend

On Fridays I teach a class called "Listen, Move, Create!" to 3 to 5 year old kids at Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op. This Autumn, somehow the "Monster of LMC" entered our world - completely of the children's invention. The following is an "Epoch legend" in their words, with their illustrations. 

The Monster of
Listen Move Create
An Epoch Legend by the Autumn 2012 LMC Class: Ajay, Bethany, Alia, and Wednesday

Every Friday at Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op, in the Art Room, at 1:50PM – when the big hand of the clock points to the 10 – the Monster comes.

The Monster does not like colorful things. He comes to eat us up! The only thing we can do to save ourselves is CLEAN UP OUR MESS.

We clean up QUICKLY. Quickly, quickly, quickly we clean. Super-fast.
Then, when the big hand of the clock is at 10, the door opens and …


It’s our parents! 



  1. As my youngest son says, "This is awesome with a side of sauce!" Great job!


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