An Abundance of Angels

A Christmas Angel dropped by today, bearing more than gifts. She presented to me a box overflowing with memories, its contents to be shared with my children so more wonderful memories can be created. In essence, she shared part of her family and her husband's family with mine. Their gift to me - their gift of kindness, love, and grace - has filled my heart and soul to overflowing. 

How do you thank someone for passing on to your family something their family held so dear? There aren't words big enough, good enough - so instead we'll pay it forward however we are able. 

And then...

Needing a few things at the grocery store, I drove around and around the parking lot. The young man who was retrieving carts saw me - and a car backing out of a parking space fairly close to the store. He motioned to me to come to the next aisle over as he ran to the parking space. He asked a person who signaled to turn into the space if they would mind if a handicapped person parked there, and the kind person nodded happily and continued her search. By the time I parked and pried myself out of the car, the young man, who always has a kind word for me and helps me with my groceries if needed, had gone back to collecting carts. Putting in a good word for him with the stressed-out store manager put a smile on both the manager's face and mine. 
And then...
I went to the thrift store mostly to just browse and have some "me" time before our busy Christmas Eve and Day. While I was looking at coffee makers, a gentleman in the same aisle struck up a conversation with me. I happened to mention that the coffee maker at our church is missing a piece and I was wondering if I could happen upon the same model to get a cheap replacement part instead of the church needing to purchase a new machine. Heading in different directions, we exchanged Blessed Christmases and went about our shopping. Upon checking out, the cashier put a bag containing a new coffee maker in my cart, saying an older gentleman said to make sure I went home with it.  
Thanking God for the abundance of angels in my life, I headed home to surprise my eldest daughter with a new dress, wrap the last of the Christmas gifts, and share some of the love that has touched my life in plenitude.

May your life overflow with memories and friends, may angels grace your life with heartfelt treasures...and may you bless others as you have been so richly blessed. 

"You can never have too many angels!" 
~ Reverend Wayne P. Gollenberg 


  1. It's so lovely to hear about such kindness during such a stressful time of year :) it touches my heart to read your post today.

    1. It was very refreshing amidst the chaos that was the shopping plaza yesterday!


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