Living the Kyrie

As you venture into the new year, open yourself to its endless possibilities. Think back to the past year - to the joys, the trials, the things that filled your soul, the things that left you drained and empty, the people and experiences that lifted you up, and the things that beat your down or held you back. What did the year give you? What did you let go? 

Now think about the new year. Where do you hope it leads you? What do you want it to feel like? Will you be letting go of something or do you hope to welcome something momentous into your life? What one word comes to mind, describing what you envision this new year being for you? Grab hold of that word and focus on it through out the year. You'll be amazed where it takes you. 

As I was singing the Kyrie a couple weeks ago, I came to a realization. Too often in life we get caught up in, well, life. We're too busy to think, nevermind to invite God into the picture. Our thoughts are too hung up on paying bills, managing our time, and acquiring things to remember to live our lives as Jesus taught us. When this happens to me, I feel lost, disconnected. I needed something to help me center my life "in the water and the Word." I wanted the new year to bring opportunities for living out truth, justice, and grace - to focus on friends, family, peace, love, and faith. To live the Kyrie. 

And there it was. As simple as that. My word for 2013. Kyrie.

Kyrie Eleison as I venture into 2013 doing my best to not just sing and pray the Kyrie every day, but to live it.

"Kyrie Eleison?", you say. Isn't that a catchy Mr. Mister tune from the 1980's? Why yes, indeed it is.

But that's not quite what I'm talking about, although I love that God has mercy on me on the road that I must travel, even in the darkness of my nights.

The Kyrie to which I'm referring is this:

We sing this many Sundays at worship. My youngest holds this Kyrie dear to her heart and is sad when we don't sing it. I've found that I do, and am, too.

Lord have mercy on me as I deal with health challenges, my marriage, my ever-growing children, and all the activities in which my family is involved. Lord have mercy on us all, as we work for peace, unity, truth, justice, and grace- as we strive to make the world a better place. Lord have mercy as we work and as we play, and as we move gently or boldly through our day. Lord, remind me to have mercy on others, and mercy on myself. Kyrie eleison as I open myself to the Spirit. Help me trust as She guides me to make the right decisions and leads me to the God-things that provide infinite inspiration. 

Not one for making resolutions for the new year, I'm going to do my best living the Kyrie throughout 2013. 

I wish everyone a blessed new year full of inspiration, dreams come true, and love spread to all those around you. May the Lord have mercy on our world and on our way. 

Many Blessings,

Amanda and the rannygahoots

P.S.  What's your word for the new year?


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