Weary World Rejoicing

I'm tired. Exhausted.

Physically, I have too much pain, not enough sleep. Gravity seems to be working overtime, weighing me down. My body seems to be working against everything I'm trying to do. 

Mental and emotional exhaustion prevail as well. Dealing with my health, our finances, and not having the ability to think or reflect when I have the time is dragging me down. Knowing so many friends and acquaintances who are going through impossible things: death of a loved one; the severe illness or disability of themselves or a loved one; family upheavals; financial stress; and other life-consuming issues takes its toll on my mood. At times it's difficult to make it through each minute of each hour of each day. 

Simply put, I'm weary. So very weary.

And yet it's there - that glimmer, that ember of light that glows ever-stronger the more attention I give to it. That thing that helps me feel blessed and loved; that puts a smile on my weary face and fills my heart with song. The light that anticipates good things to come and celebrates all that is right and good, no matter how small.

Hope is there. 

With Hope, all things are possible. When we live with Hope, we don't merely think that good things might happen, we know that they will happen. With Hope, every new day, new hour, new moment holds endless possibilities for good.

It is with Hope that the weary world rejoices.

In those moments when you're overwhelmed, stressed, sad, or weary, take a moment, a deep breath, and find Hope. Know that the potential for wondrous things fills every moment. See the spark of Hope glowing in a child's eyes. Experience the fullness of Hope in the indomitable spirit of an animal at play. Receive Hope with every smile or hug or loving gesture with which you are blessed. Find Hope in a deep breath and a moment's peace. Be filled with Hope with every sunrise, every sunset; every ray of light, every drop of rain; every joy and every worry - Hope dwells in the brightest, but especially in the darkest of places. 

In these darkest weeks of December, may we all carry the ember of Hope in our hearts. May we share it with others so that its light may grow. Like the magi of long ago, let us travel towards Hope in faith that it will bring great things to our lives, to our hearts, and to our world. 

When you are weary, rejoice, and invite Hope in.


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