The Fourth, the Fifth

...days of Christmas, that is.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, I had a horrendous migraine. 

Before the migraine got too bad, I had the opportunity to deliver some useful things to the apartment the New Start Ministry is setting up for our refugee family...and to help out a bit there as well. It will be a cozy home for the three of them, close to a wonderful and helpful family who were refugees just a few years ago. What a wonderful way to start my day!

Then I went to the restaurant where Zack lost his wallet to retrieve it - they had found it while cleaning the night before. I treated myself to avocado maki and then headed home. By the time I arrived home, my migraine had amped itself up to unbearable levels, so I put myself to bed with ice packs encircling my head, where I spent a good portion of the rest of the day.

Today is the Fifth Day of Christmas. 
The migraine is still here. However, so far I've communicated via text and email with a dozen people to coordinate New Start appointments and donations, for church stuff, to sort out homeschool co-op info, and other things. I've made up schedules and payment information for all the homeschool co-op students, and emailed them. I've done dishes, made lunch, and made dinner. 

What I haven't done is change out of my pajamas. 

So now I'm going to take a shower, try to eat some food, take some medication, and pray for sleep... and for my migraine to be gone by tomorrow. 


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