Seven youth, ages 8-16, created a cast of puppet characters and put together a Christ-centered Christmas puppet performance, as well as an interpretive movement piece, in just a few months.

It amazes me that in that short amount of time, the children learned how to properly operate puppets (it's not as easy as it sounds), practiced lines, learned songs, and - most amazing of all made it appear that there were twice as many puppeteers during one of the pieces. And they had fun in the process.

We're not your ordinary puppet ministry. We do theater games.  We do out-of-the-box sorts of performances. These extraordinary children go along with my hair-brained ideas, showing no outward sign that they think I've completely lost my mind. Their imaginations are inspiring.

After their awesome Christmas performance during Tuesday Night Sunday School, they earned a few weeks off. Little do they know that I'll be using these few weeks to plan some more out of the ordinary things for them to do for Easter. After all, we'll only have around nine rehearsals before our next performance.

Thank you, God, for these youth, for the time they (and their parents) took to come to rehearsals and for the energy they put into the performance. Please bless this ministry and help it grow. Be with all who attended the performance, may they carry the message of what Christmas is really about with them through Advent and the Christmas season. 

Bethlehemian Rhapsody:

When Love Was Born (Mark Schultz):
Ask the Animals:

Christmas with a Capital C (Go Fish): 


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