The Third Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas
I did much driving...

One teen to lunch with his girlfriend.
(I also had lunch with my friend.)
Two children to Target.
Then back to the restaurant...
(To look for a lost wallet.)
A quick trip to Kohl's
(To use a $10 coupon.)
One child from her friend's house.
One trip to the grocery store.
And back home again!

My children love the week after Christmas. Their friends who go to school are off for the week, so they can get together for a playdate or a lunch date. The added bonus is that I usually get to chat with a friend or two as well. 

Today didn't exactly go as planned ... and no, we didn't find the wallet ... but that's life sometimes. Zachary learned how to report a bank card as lost...and to be more careful with his wallet. I got two new pairs of wool socks for $1.12 and had a wonderful conversation with a friend. The two Target shoppers waited patiently in the van while I looked for the wallet, ran into two stores, and picked Alia up from her friend's house, instead of being dropped off at home after our shopping trip. Having their DSs with them and brand new games to play on them helped a lot.

The rest of this month promises to be just as unpredictable as today. We shall see what the fourth day of Christmas brings...


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