Driving through downpours over the past two days, I not only gripped the steering wheel and prayed for our safety, but I also gave thanks for the earth-nourishing rain ... simultaneously cursing and blessing the rain.

Sitting in a theater watching one of my favorite scenes being rehearsed, I witnessed Hate trying its best to turn a young woman from her beliefs, toward violence. As she, weakly at first, spoke out against Hate, raindrops began to softly tap on the flat theater roof. As she grew stronger and stood her ground, proclaiming her beliefs and speaking against Hate, the rain grew increasingly louder. The deluge seemingly washing her wounds clean - a baptism of sorts, as she renewed her faith. 

God, thank you for the rain that nourishes the earth, as well as our souls. Please help us to see rain as a blessing instead of a hindrance or bother. Be with the persecuted, the abused, the hurting, and the broken. Give them strength to stand against hate and violence and embrace love and peace. Please also be with the oppressors and abusers - touch their hearts and minds and help them see love and all its possibilities for their lives. 


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