This is not how I envisioned our New Year's Eve. 

We don't know where they came from, but they have changed our entire New Year's Eve experience. 

Instead of Zack going to Leila's to watch LOTR and the rest of us going to Gramma and Papa's house to watch tv, play on computers, and generally relax, we are all staying home, stripping beds, doing a ton of laundry, and using way too many towels. 

Instead of me picking Zack up and returning to Gramma and Papa's house for dinner, games, and counting down the new year via cable, we are picking through children's hair with a nit comb and vacuuming furniture before dinner, games, and counting down the new year via the internet. 

We don't know where these invaders came from, but they are definitely messing up our plans. 

However, we will make the most of it. Our house will end up much cleaner at the start of the new year than it would have been had things gone according to plan. I'll be able to perhaps keep myself from getting even more sick (I'm having an allergy attack on top of having a cold) without all the driving and running around I would have been doing. 

I am so thankful for my husband, who is doing the majority of the work today, as whenever I move, I either have a coughing fit or sneezing fit. I am grateful that, all things considered, this is far from the worst that could happen today. I feel blessed to be able to spend this New Year's Eve, whatever form it takes, with my husband and five children, despite the mess that has become of this day. 

What a fitting last day of a challenging year. We'll keep on doing what we strive to do every day - make the most of whatever the day throws at us and enjoy this blessed mess!


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