I breathe in life, love, nourishment for mind, body, and soul.

I breathe out gratitude; hope; prayers for others, of thanks, for the world.

Every breath an affirmation of life. Every breath a prayer.

I am thankful for every breath, every step, every waking and sleeping moment.

I am grateful for sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell; for voice, for limbs, for movement; for hot and for cold. 

Even when I'm having a bad day. Especially when I'm in pain. This is what keeps me going. 

Thank you, God, for everything...for life, love, for every life-sustaining breath; for pain, exhaustion, for every arduous breath; for lessons learned through joy and those learned through hardship; for words of encouragement that nurture and support me; for words of disdain that help me stand more firmly in my ways and beliefs or propel me toward positive change. Please help those who are struggling to see the beauty in the world and in themselves and those who suffer without hope. Help us all wake up and become keenly aware of the countless blessings around us and within make every breath an affirmation of life; every breath a prayer. 


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