15340 and a Half

The Sixth Day of Christmas also happens to be my 15341st-ish day on this earth (including leap years). 

On this day, I will spend quality time with a young man who I try to talk to multiple times a day, and who doesn't respond ... because he's at work. Or sometimes because he is playing on the computer and has his headphones on. But mostly I do this on the three days a week he's at work. I miss him. So he said he'd take his mother out for her birthday. 

Our tattoo plans fell through (oh, darn, we'll just have to spend another day together sometime), but we will be going out for amazing Asian food and to see a movie. In recliners. With popcorn. I really want to bring a blanket and pillow, but I might get too comfortable and do what I do at home and fall asleep during the movie!

As a family, we will also be packing for New Year's Eve at Gramma and Papa's house. They're on a cruise, so they won't mind. Food, computers, DSs, Kindles, clothing, pillows, blankets, and our memory jar. We may as well be moving in!

For now, I'm going to curl up in my bed and contemplate the fact that I should be doing something useful. 


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