ThStTh: The Wine Rack in My Bathroom

What better place for a wine rack than in one's bathroom? Really!

In this edition of Thrift Store Thursday, I will explain why there is a wine rack in my bathroom. 

My bathroom, as I've described, becomes a Sanctuary for me at times. It is the only place in the house where I can lock the children out and enjoy a few quiet moments, alone. When I came across the wine rack at the thrift store, I knew the perfect place for it - the bathroom. What better to compliment an atmosphere of peace and tranquility? 

I can already hear some of you celebrating this most delightful of locations for a wine rack. I can hear others, the wine enthusiasts among us, gasping in alarm - the temperature changes, the humidity, the horror!

Fear not. No wine has or will be harmed in the use of this wine rack. I promise. Look ... 

No more is the tiny linen closet stuffed so full of towels it won't close. No more are the hairbrushes, bath salts, and lotions lost amongst the toothbrushes, toothpaste, and cups cluttering the sink counter. An extra roll of toilet paper is now within sight and reach - don't you know that putting a roll on the back of the toilet renders it invisible to anyone under age 15, even boys who face it a good number of the times they're using the facilities? And look - there's even a candle in case a little ambiance is needed. 

Bathroom harmony has been restored, thanks to the unusual use of a wine rack. 


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