I creep into the room and quietly close the door, clicking the lock into place. Bumping up the heat a bit to make things nice and cozy, I grab my book and settle in for some quiet reading time.  First I stop, steeping my spirit in the stillness of the moment and in gratitude for small blessings. If I'm lucky, my sanctuary will provide me with fifteen minutes or so of peace and space.  Well, not much space, actually, seeing as it's not a very big bathroom. You see, sometimes, when I do not even need to use the restroom for its intended purpose, I slip silently into the only room of the house where I'm afforded a bit of privacy, seeking balance and recharging my soul. 

Some find sanctuary in a church or in a place set apart for prayer or worship. I find sanctuary in silence, in uninterrupted thought, and yes, in the bathroom. Sanctuary can be found in the washing of a sink-full of dishes or in four minutes of watching the clouds move across the sky while pumping gas. There are living sanctuaries all around us - those people who, just by their mere presence, bless us with the gift of a feeling of belonging, of well-being, of love. We can create within ourselves a sanctuary - a place in our souls where we accept and love ourselves and others for who they are ... a place where we can replenish our spirit and the spirits of others in a well of joy and love ... a place of giving for the sake of love, and receiving with a sense of gratitude. 

When life's struggles, big or small, are getting to you, seek sanctuary ... wherever you can find it!


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