My Mom's Fault

I sit on my parents' couch, sipping tea and watching news updates on Hurricane Sandy. 

My kids are excited to be riding out the storm at Gramma and Papa's house. I feel blessed to have parents who would take on seven extra people so that we can feel and be much safer than at home with the looming threat of trees falling on our house. 

We have a fridge full of food, a bin of gluten-free goodies, homemade gf pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins, and games with which to entertain ourselves should (when!) we lose power. 

Words like "catastrophic" leap out from the tv. The wind whistles between the houses. A four year old and a quilt keep me warm as I check on friends online and read a thought-provoking book about spiritual gifts. Despite the hurricane outside and the whirlwind of kids inside, I feel a sense of calm. 

Phrases like "fierce, strong Sandy" and the words "Tracking Sandy" across the tv screen elicit giggles from the younger ones among us. Gramma, however, would prefer not hearing her name every three minutes, especially not associated with damage and destruction. Growing up, I always told her everything was her fault...and now Sandy will be blamed for plenty! 

There is one thing I know for sure is her fault - that my family is safe and secure and I can weather this storm knowing whatever happens, we'll be ok. 


  1. I'm glad to hear you are safe and sound :) this reminds me of going over to my grandmother's house when we would lose power at my parents. It's always great to make fond memories with family.


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