Suffocating under a mountain of stress, I'm finding it difficult to function. 

One financially taxing situation after another is impairing our ability to pay for the basics. And by basics, I mean a roof over our heads and electricity.

My breath catches each time the phone rings as I await liver biopsy, bone scan, and follow up celiac testing results. Ocd adds to my struggle not to worry as I wait.

Sleep is not coming easily and is not of good quality, making my stress all that much more stressful. The energy to deal with all of this just isn't there. 

I sit. 



Focus on what's important. 

Although we're once again struggling financially, my husband has a job, we have food enough to last us through the month, and the mortgage company won't complain too much if we pay the mortgage a bit late. 

Within a week, all the medical testing results will be in and I'll know for sure what's going on with my body - or at least these pieces to the puzzle. 

The sleep-disturbing drugs will hopefully not be necessary much longer. Until then, I sleep when I can and am thankful for any rest I get. And I thank God for the miracle that is coffee. 

Breathing in gratitude, exhaling worry, finding my way back to Peace.


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