A Halloween Tradition I Could Do Without

Last year, Halloween festivities were postponed due to a storm. A BIG storm. THIS big storm.

This year, we have a lot to look forward to. According to the news stations, Hurricane Sandy is heading our way. She may dump lots of rain, possibly some snow, and bring along some high winds for good measure ... just in time for Halloween. Again. 

From my NBC newsfeed on Facebook
As a New Englander,  I'm always skeptical of weather reports and whether the weather will be as bad as predicted. As someone who journeyed through Storm Alfred last year, I may tend to take forecasts a little more seriously this year. Thankfully, we have our Guide to, well, guide us. We have flashlights, candles, and glow sticks at the ready. We're tuning up our senses of humor. And we know that, if we need to evacuate our house in the middle of the night, the emergency shelter on the hill is more dangerous to get to than my parents' house forty minutes away - and should we invade my parents' house, we will want to arrive with lots of coffee if at all possible. 

Hopefully things won't be as bad as currently predicted, but whatever happens you'll be sure to hear about it in the further adventures of the Rannygahoots. 


  1. I am thinking we all need to face east and blow on Sunday!!


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