Lenten Love Letters: Teachers and Friends

Two weeks into writing my Lenten Love Letters, I find myself drawn to writing to people who have had a positive impact on my life.

Three letters went to friends who have truly been a blessing in my life. All are wonderful friends.

One inspires me to delve deeper into my spirituality and beliefs, challenging my thinking and my actions in a positive, productive manner.

Another lives life with mindfulness and strength, speaking her truth and empowering others to share their own stories. 

A third walked into my day with exactly the words I needed to hear, and with levity I have been able to call upon time and again over the past few weeks as I continue to deal with the outcome of what has proven to be a huge learning experience for me. 

Next, my mind turned to the teachers in my life. 

One transformed an introverted mom who was hoping to make it to six weeks of breastfeeding her firstborn into a breastfeeding advocate who has nursed all five of her children well beyond toddlerhood. At my first La Leche League meeting, she greeted me with kindness, helped me with her wealth of breastfeeding knowledge, put me at ease, and encouraged me to follow my mama instincts. Mostly, she assured me that I wasn't a crazy person for cosleeping, babywearing, cloth diapering, and following my babies cues instead of the clock.  

Another empowered me to trust in my body's ability to birth my baby. She taught me to listen to my body, to celebrate my body, and encouraged me to feel comfortable in my body.

You'll find the third letter, to my kindergarten teacher, below. 

Mrs. Shea,

Your presence in my four-year-old life was a true blessing. The music, play, crafts, and wonderful words that filled your classroom provided the best possible foundation for learning.  Your love of sharing the world with us through songs, stories, art, games, and hands on activities lit up the classroom and my heart, instilling a love of learning that serves me well to this day.

Your confidence in my ability to take care of your classroom and your students when I was in the fourth and fifth grade sparked in me the desire to continue to pursue volunteer opportunities and cemented my passion for caring for and teaching children.

You would probably be happy to hear that I continue to make egg salad just like you taught me, that I have done the Corduroy craft with my children, and that many of the songs you taught me in kindergarten are now sung by my homeschooled children, as well as my class of 3-6 year old children at homeschool co-op..

A lifetime full of love,

All - friends and teachers alike - have encouraged me to grow as a person, and for that, I shall be forever grateful. 


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