In This Circle...

Women. Sharing tasty food. Watching a documentary or discussing a topic. Sitting in a circle:  acknowledging their maternal roots and branches; sharing thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams; shedding tears; laughing out loud; comforting; encouraging; being together. Being, together. Listening with understanding and acceptance. For some, a catharsis, for others, an opportunity to connect. So often, healing.

We each have our own story. We each own our own story and embrace others' stories. Bodies and souls nourished, we leave, carrying no longer the burden with which we arrived, but instead a new energy, vitality, and peace. Usually. Sometimes, having delved so deep, having shaken ourselves to the core, we leave feeling unsettled, with things to contemplate, changes to make for the better. But it all is so very good and so very necessary.

Only in this group of women is it possible for me to fully embrace that deep dark place where my brokenness lives and know it's ok. Only surrounded by this energy can I feel so exposed and vulnerable, yet so safe and loved. Amongst these friends who have gathered for this purpose, we lay our souls bare, for it is only then that we can forgive ourselves and praise ourselves and accept ourselves; feel our strength and recognize our weakness; know our selves; revive those parts of ourselves that have lain dormant for too long.

In this Circle, connection.
In this Circle, compassion.
In this Circle, empowerment.
In this Circle, deep peace. 


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