Cabinated Moose

Once upon a time I was making something that resembled dinner ...actually, it more closely resembled breakfast, but that's beside the point. As I was chopping potatoes, I noticed a moondragon in the cabinet. The curious moondragon peeked out from the cabinet and asked, "What are you making for dinner? Are you making Cabinated Moose?" Not wanting to argue with a moondragon, lest it burn my breakfast-like dinner to a crisp, I responded to the affirmative and the news was received with great joy. The moondragon sought out Dragonman to give him the good news, and like most good news, it traveled quickly. Soon all the small and not-too-small creatures in Nurselonia were alternately excited and perplexed at the prospect of dining on Cabinated Moose, and when finally seated at the table, thought the dinner of Cabinated Moose was quite scrumptious.
This is one of my kids' favorite stories. It is about Coren Ryu (aka Moondragon), who one day, while I was making a dinner of eggs, pancakes, and sausage, was playing in the corner cabinet next to the stove. I had been in the process of cleaning out the cabinet, and had to interrupt my work to make dinner. Coren seized this opportunity to claim the now-empty cabinet as his domain, at least until dinner was ready. In normal moondragon fashion, he kept popping his head out and asking what I was making for dinner. Not to be one to actually give my children a straight answer, I answered with my usual silliness. What I did not expect was that he would come up with the fabulous concept of "cabinated moose" - or that this simple, fun experience would enter into family lore.

It's the simple everyday moments with your kids that are things of legend. Pay attention to them. Celebrate them. 


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