Here Comes Charlotte

There is a storm a-comin' - I can feel it in my bones! And my joints. And everywhere else. Ugh. 

As Blizzard Charlotte  approaches, my health steadily declines. As the barometric pressure falls, so does my ability to be at all useful. 

Copious cups of coffee and a little pain medication facilitated a quite productive morning of errands and housework. This afternoon was fueled by chocolate and baby snuggles. Dinner done, kids on their way to bed, I finally have a few minutes to sit and get better acquainted with just how much my body is hurting. 

Years ago, when a storm of this magnitude was predicted, you would find me scrambling to gather supplies - flashlights! candles! food! blankets! shovels! salt! snow gear! panic! anxiety!

This time I managed to give the fridge and pantry a quick once-over, determining that we won't starve to death should we lose power, and there's plenty of coffee. I also had the kids gather their snow gear so it's at the ready ... more to avoid drama and provide a more peaceful day tomorrow than for actual storm preparedness reasons. 

Glancing wistfully at the pile of books near my bed, I dream of a day in bed with lots of coffee, reading, and relaxation while the kids play in the snow. 

Whatever Charlotte is gearing up to dump on us - bring it on! I have utmost confidence my husband can handle whatever comes. As for me, I'll be here under my pile of blankets with no plans of coming out until Sunday. 


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