Thrift Store Thursday: Blizzard Edition

I spent waaaaay too much time in bed during and after the blizzard, mostly due to my joints swelling to epic proportions due to the lovely barometric pressure. This week's Thrift Store Thursday is full of things I can see from my bed. 

We'll start with these two mirrors, which hang at the head of my bed with hand-painted (by me) mirrors and a couple works of art by my kids. I found them a thrift stores, years apart, and love them.

Hanging from my curtain rod (also a thrift store find, as are my curtains ... surprise, surprise), is something the littles in my house love - a string of hand-painted animals and beads. It was funky. It was fun. It was $2.50. It became mine. 

Below is one of my favorite things that hangs in my house. It is a hand-carved depiction of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. 

And last, but not least, a thrifted chair. My husband uses it as a computer chair, the cat uses it as a lounging spot in his absence.  The baskets in the background are thrift store finds as well. I'm starting to wonder what in this room isn't thrifted. Or freecycled. Or given to us by friends or family members!

Due to the blizzard, I haven't been to the thrift shop in a week, so no strange or unusual finds for you this week. If I stay away much longer, they may send out a search party for me. The last time I went a week without going to the thrift store, a couple of the employees were worried I was in the hospital. Perhaps I'll get there tomorrow. 


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