Alia's Fifth

Five years ago you came into the world, into the water, into my hands, surrounded by people who love you. Every day since then, I have thanked God for you. You are an incredible gift. 

Since you are a big fan of numbers, especially of having things equal to your age, here are five things I love about you…

1. Your indomitable spirit. Things don’t ever seem to go wrong for you. If you are having trouble with something, you see only that there is a solution – if you don’t know the solution, you are confident you can find someone who does. You know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to – to you there is no such thing as too young or too small.

2. Your mother-goddess-warrior soul. Your gentle heart, caring ways, and fierce protection of everyone you love, especially those smaller than you. You soothe the littlest of babies effortlessly. You know what everyone is supposed to be doing and encourage them, quite authoritatively, to live up to their responsibilities and potentials. You are the great protector, doing your best to keep the world and all its inhabitants safe. 

3. Your sense of style. Punk-hippie fusion. Pajama chic. Christmas Goth. Easter Goth. Skull Princess. Rainbow Girl. Skella Girl. Skater Girl. You wear what makes you feel good, what inspires you, what energizes you, or what comforts you. Preferably with fancy shoes. Or shoes that don't match. And pink or purple or blue or all-of-the-above hair. 

4. Your friendships. You don’t just make friends, You adopt friends of all ages and consider them family. You think about and talk about your friends every day, concerned if you don’t see one of your friends for a while or if they’re not at church or homeschool co-op or the thrift store or wherever you usually see them. You always have time for your friends, listen to your friends, and share your entire self with your friends. 

5. The God-spark you share with others. Your fiery spirit of love touches everyone around you. Your insights into life, love, and faith constantly astound me. You go about life radiating God’s love. You are truly a blessing.

Happy fifth birthday, Alia! 
And you know what? I love you SO VERY MUCH!


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