Turning Tides

With life comes change. Lately, there have been major changes in my life. 

Over the past few weeks, I've discovered that there are people who genuinely care about me and there are people I don't need in my life. Forward movement depends on letting go of things that drain my energy and embracing things that inspire and invigorate. 

I've learned that my journey over the past two years has brought me to the point where I'm emotionally raw, and that's something I need to embrace. Having torn down the walls I'd built around my heart, I've opened myself to feeling emotions in all their ferocity - both joy and sadness, both love and pain. And feeling them to their extremes is ok, good even. Not too many years ago, these past few weeks would have left me devastated, in pieces - or I would have numbed myself to the pain. Not now - now it is an opportunity for me to open my self to God's most excellent harmonies

Through the torrent of emotions that have relentlessly overcome me recently, one constant has remained - the utmost certitude that I am loved.

A safe haven in which to unleash my sadness, frustration, and pain, my husband has listened patiently and taken good care of me. Phone calls from loving and concerned friends buoyed my spirits and helped me keep moving forward rather than becoming mired in the insanity. The love of my God, always. 

I feel a shift happening in my life - like a turn in tides. Leaving behind what doesn't work for my life, I am pulled toward pursuits that call to my soul. I journey on a little tousled, but better for it. 


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