Diagonal Tetris

I can picture it now ... We're going to pick up our kids from their sleepover at Gramma and Papa's house and someone is going to ask us, "What did you do last night?" Whomever it is will not be content with the answer "Daddy and I went on a date to celebrate our anniversary." They'll want details. So I think about the wonderful evening we had ...

We had a very early dinner at a nice restaurant. We talked about diagonal tetris, dead people, and my husband's boss checking him out. We discovered that even after seventeen years of marriage to someone who knows tons of actors and what movies they're in, tons of bands and the songs that they sing, I know one out of every five or six actors that he mentions and continue to be horrible at associating bands with their songs. 

Our free gluten-free chocolate dome with raspberry sauce and fresh berries anniversary dessert was gorgeous - but also too utterly tempting and delicious to stop and take a picture. After leaving a big tip for our waitress because, according to my husband, "she was really nice and her nose sparkles," we decided to go for a walk. The restaurant was in a mall, so we revisited old times by walking around the mall. Malls are definitely no longer our thing, but we did enjoy our ventures into Hot Topic and Blue Moon, two old favorites. We may have to return to do Alia's birthday shopping at Hot Topic, or better yet, get her a gift certificate and watch her eyes bug out at the wall of Nightmare Before Christmas items and the number of items with skulls to be found. 

Driving toward our next destination, we discovered we were incredibly early, so did what comes naturally. We went thrift shopping. Stay tuned for this Thursday's Thrift Store post to see what treasures we took home!

Then we were off to the movies. I was prepared for the fact that I would cry during Les Mis. I didn't think I'd tear up at the first notes. Or at the sight of Colm Wilkinson at Monseigneur Myriel. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but did have a few issues with it, one of which I wasn't expecting. I do believe Hugh Jackman may have a tongue tie. I noticed it in a close-up of him singing and tried not to look for it for the rest of the movie, lest it distract me from the movie. That may just drive me crazy the next time I see it.
After the movie we went home for beautiful cupcakes, a glass of port. and a quiet evening. An unusually quiet evening, given the kids were sleeping over Gramma and Papa's house. 

And now, as I take my last sip of coffee, I give thanks not only for an incredible evening spent with the love of my life, but for the past nineteen years ... a slave of the law ...errrr, sorry, I have Les Mis songs constantly playing in my head this morning... where was I? I give thanks for the past nineteen years of knowing my husband and seventeen years of being married to him. Nineteen years - that's half of my life. How blessed I am to have known and loved this man for half of my life! I'm looking forward to many more years, laughs, and memories together. 


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