Gathering with friends, going out for a night on the town to hear live bands, eat good food, dance, have fun, celebrate - these are things I had the pleasure of reading about on facebook on New Year's Eve. It seems my friends had tons of fun last night! Our night - not quite so exciting. At first glance, definitely not blog-worthy. We stayed home. And even in staying home, didn't have the amazing night I'd concocted. 

I had tons of fun planned for last night. Homemade personal pizzas for everyone, chips galore, ice cream, Peeps, movies, games, sparklers, outdoor fun   - lots of good quality family time. The food and movies happened - the games and outside stuff, not so much. I could barely move my arms and was in extreme pain. Instead of sipping champagne, I downed ibuprofen and prayed. Laying on my bed, I did my best not to scream every time I needed to change position. 

But fun? We had lots of fun. Watching Ice Age 4, my kids laughed until one nearly fell out of his chair. They repeated their favorite lines. They wanted to watch it again, immediately. We moved onto Galaxy Quest (blast from the past!), which was also enjoyed by all. Next came the Smurfs. Not the "new" Smurfs, mind you, but the first season of the honest-to-goodness 1980's The Smurfs, including such adventures as "Smurf-Colored Glasses," "Fuzzle Trouble," "Romeo and Smurfette," and "All that Glitters Isn't Smurf." What a joy it was to watch my children be enchanted by a show that I loved as a child!

A midnight toast of sparkling cider was followed by a quick retreat to bed by all. 

This morning the sun was up before my children - a rare happening in this household. It seems they had so much fun last night, they're wanting to relive it this morning. Ice Age is on - laughing has ensued. They're eating chips and guacamole for breakfast while sipping sparkling cider. Next up is the Smurfs. 

Blessed. I left 2012 and entered 2013 feeling blessed. What could possibly be better than spending the time with my extraordinary husband and our five precious children? Live music, eating out, dancing, and all the trappings of a New Year's Eve celebration have nothing on these treasured moments with my family. 

Amanda and the rannygahoots

P.S. Beware the Grim Sleeper!


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