Unconventional Teacher

Lola is a wonderful teacher, although she teaches in odd ways. Not one for conversation, she lets her actions speak for her.

For example, every time I sit down, she sits next to me, encouraging me not to just sit down for a moment's rest, but to really take time to relax, to enjoy the moment.

Sometimes, out of the blue, she'll give me a massage. Oh, how relaxing and wonderful! I return the favor, as we're both in a much better state.

Lola lives in the moment. She finds amusement in the little things. She looks forward to seeing and spending time with the people she loves. She teaches me to relax, to enjoy the moment, to soak in the sunlight, and to appreciate the presence of those around me. 

She does get bossy and demanding at times, though. If she wants me to stay and spend time with her, she gets pretty adamant about it and her claws come out, sometimes holding me hostage until she decides she's ready for me to go.
Mostly she keeps my feet warm at night, and my heart warm during the day. 


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