I have an overwhelming thirst. A few weeks ago, it was an actual thirst- I drank glass after glass of water and was still thirsty. I couldn't drink enough water to slake my thirst. Migraines do that to me. 

Lately I've come to the realization that I have a different type of thirst. I have an overwhelming thirst for a day to myself. A day to enjoy silence. To rest. To not have to think about anyone or anything. 

A day to just be. Not to be mom, or wife, or housekeeper, or teacher, or medical director, or knower-of-where-everything-is-in-the-house. 

A day during which I don't have to answer questions, cater to anyone else's needs, or mold my day to suit others' preferences. 

A day to nourish my body with the foods I crave and my soul with the words I need to hear. 

A day when my prayers rise before me as incense. A day to be in conversation with God and have the stillness to be able to listen for a reply. 

If not a day, perhaps I can find an hour, a moment, a breath, when I can be in silence, in prayer, in stillness, in a place where I can feel the touch of the Spirit and the current of the Living Water running through my life, that my thirst might be slaked, and my soul at peace. 


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