Thrift Store Thursday: Footwear Edition

In just one trip to the thrift store, you can travel through time just by perusing the footwear aisles. I had one such thrift store experience.

The first were a tiny pair of toddler crocodile crocs. They were truly adorable. I was transported back to the days Coren had a pair like this. Somehow I don't remember his being this tiny!

Then I stumbled upon this totally rad pair of sneakers. They were shiny. And a big. And reminded me quite a bit of clown shoes. 

Then, there they were. A wonder of teal faux-suede and poly/cotton knit. Like, totally eighties dude!

Not to be outdone by children's or women's shoes, the men's shoe rack came up with these gargantuan, shiny blue loafers. Unfortunately the pointy toes of these beauties got cut off in the picture and my phone battery died before I could take a better photo. Besides, people were starting to look at me a little strangely. 

My personal best, when it comes to thrift store shoe purchases, has to be my brand new Uggs, bought at a church thrift store on 50% off day. They were marked $14. I paid $7, approximately 96% off retail. 

Have you made any fabulous shoe finds at the thrift store?


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