Favorite Things

I love it when my favorite things conspire to make my day amazing.

Today started with an early morning snuggle with a very special almost-five-year-old. Then, coffee in my favorite mug, which reminds me with every cup of life-giving elixir to Pray Without Ceasing. Saying a prayer with every sip is a wonderful way to welcome a new day and center myself in what really matters. 

As if that wasn't good enough, I got to hop in the Ziggymobile (our 12 passenger van) with six of my most cherished people (aka my family). Singing, laughter and storytelling abounded as we made our way to the first day of Winter semester at Epoch Arts. Homeschool co-op is a most beloved place for every member of our family. A great deal is learned here - not just knowledge shared, but community, friendship, and so much more. Such a wonderful place to move prayerfully through my day. 

Soon we will be journeying home for good food and family time. And maybe another round of coffee and prayer. 


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